Our philosophy is that pleasurable and enjoyable experiences can advance feelings of confidence and self worth. This philosophy is consistent with a large body of scientific evidence. Research within the field of positive psychology consistently demonstrates that positive emotions like joy, interest, and happiness can lead a person to feel secure and confident about himself or herself and therefore helps to build and maintain key psychological strengths (see, Fredrickson, 2004; 2009; for a summary of research evidence see (www.unc.edu/peplab/research.html). Building on this philosophy, and on related scientific evidence, we turn medical apparatus used by chronic patients into fun, playful devices.


The founder and CEO of the company and the creator of the product, Mr. G . Alexander, suffers from chronic Asthma from a very young age. Until this day, he vividly recalls feeling frustrated and ashamed as a child having to carry around a medical apparatus, an inhaler, everywhere he went. Mr. G . Alexander further remembers how to overcome this difficult emotional experience, he tried to “forget” the inhaler and to get rid of it in any way possible. Thus, not only he suffered emotionally, but also put himself in danger medically.


On this basis, Mr G . Alexander developed the idea of turning inhalers used by children with asthma into something the children would love, and enjoy having. This is how “Medidolls” was born.


Medidolls are doll-like toys, which come in different shapes, especially designed to fit inhalers in form and size. The inhaler is wrapped in the toy in its entirety, and this way, is turned into a fun-looking joyful device one can play with, wrap around the neck or attach to the bag.  It is extremely easy to take the inhaler in and out of Medidoll. In addition, when wrapped in Medidoll, the inhaler is kept clean from dirt and dust and is also protected in case it falls.


From our experience, using Medidolls can greatly improve the attitudes and feelings the child has toward his or her inhaler. Because Medidoll is fun to play with and to simply have around, the child can develop feelings of closeness and affection towards it, instead of frustration. This way, the child will be less conflicted about carrying the inhaler around, and will therefore be less likely to forget it. Instead of feeling shame around his inhaler, Medidolls will help the child feel secure.


Our company is developing similar products these days, that would serve a similar purpose and advance the welfare, and health, or children with chronic illness.

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Our Philosophy

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